Glossary of Terms

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Someone who builds relationships based on trust, consistency, and accountability with marginalized individuals and/or groups of people.

Child Grooming

Befriending and establishing an emotional connection with a child and sometimes the family, to lower the child’s inhibitions, with the objective of sexual abuse. Often the grooming is performed in the hopes of trapping the minor into sex trafficking.

Children’s Rights

The human rights of children as outlined by the United Nations in the 1989 Convention on the Rights of the Child. A list of your 43 rights can be found here.

Child Sexual Abuse Material

Any material depicting child sexual abuse and other sexualized content involving children.

Child Sex Trafficking

The crime of recruiting, harbouring, transporting, obtaining, or providing a child for the purpose of sexual exploitation.  This often involves coercion (which includes force) fraud, and/or deception.


A buyer of sex.

Online Child Sexual Exploitation

A crime committed by offenders who use technology or the internet to sexually exploit a child.  It’s also commonly referred to as child pornography, but we advocate against this term because children cannot consent to participating in pornography.


Individuals with a predisposition or motivation to sexually engage with prepubescent children and who seek out children for sexual interaction.


An individual who arranges clients for sex, taking a percentage of the earnings. They will often use physical, emotional, mental and/or sexual violence to control their victim.

Pimp Grooming

Befriending and establishing a relationship with a minor, in the hopes of recruiting them into becoming a sex trafficker. This process involves the teaching of how to control the victim, abuse tactics and ways to earn money quickly to support their gang.

Sexual Exploitation of Children

A crime that involves a child taking part in sexual activity in exchange for something (ie. cash, goods, in-kind favours, or even the promise of such) from another person or by the child her/himself.

Sexual Exploitation of Children in Prostitution

A crime that happens when someone benefits from a commercial transaction in which the child is made available for sexual purposes.  This also include situations where children engage in sex for basic needs such as food, shelter, safety or for favours such as higher grades at school or extra pocket money.

Sexual Exploitation of Children in Travel and Tourism

A crime that happens when a child is sexually exploited by one or many people travelling outside of their city, province, geographic region, or country.

Sugar Daddy

An older male who provides a younger individual, often persons under 18, with gifts, money, shelter, clothes etc, in return for their company and/or sexual favours.

The Game

The code name used to refer to being involved in trafficking people for sex.

Trauma Bonding or Chains of Attachment

Occurs when a person develops positive feelings toward their trafficker and remains loyal to them.  Signs include showing gratitude for small acts of kindness shown by the trafficker, rationalizing violence by the trafficker, defending them, believing that only their trafficker loves them or cares for them, or that only their trafficker can help them.

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