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Fight the Sexual Exploitation of Children from Home 

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If child sex slavery won’t stop despite a pandemic; we won’t stop fighting either.  This is your chance to join us and become an ally from the comfort of your own home.

Looking for a chance to spread the word? Want to help keep more children safe? Try these ideas below:


Raise Awareness

1. #BreakTheChains

This is a social media campaign designed to raise awareness of “the invisible chains of attachment that traffickers create to keep their victims under control.

How does it work? Film a video of yourself with your wrists restrained using SAFE materials (i.e., A bandana, a zip tie) and then go about your day trying to fulfill regular tasks. Examples include texting, putting on makeup, brushing your teeth, putting on a backpack, eating, washing dishes etc. It will be difficult, maybe funny, and maybe even impossible for you to complete some of these tasks.

Include some of the following information about chains of attachment:

– Chains of attachment /trauma bonding happens when a victim of child sex trafficking feels emotionally and psychologically attached to their trafficker even though they’re abusive. Traffickers might be meeting their needs like housing, food, drugs, even fake love, causing their victims to defend them.
– These chains can prevent a victim from leaving their situation because they don’t see themselves as a victim.
– They can restrict individuals from telling someone, reaching out for help, accessing necessary resources, or ensuring they have a healthy self care routine; and the list continues.
– For people on the outside, chains of attachment are hard to understand, which is why it’s so important to learn about them and do this challenge to raise awareness of the realities of far too many youth.

Help us break these chains! Upload your video to Tik Tok or other social media platforms with the hashtag #BreakTheChains. Don’t forget to give us a shout @OneChildNetwork. 


Call out politicians and other political members who are not doing enough politically to stop this issue.

Challenge organizations, influencers, and celebrities to take action against the sexual exploitation of children and use their platform for good!

If you see individuals, influencers, or companies doing something that might contribute to the exploitation of children (i.e., sexualizing young girls, promoting male gender roles, etc.), you can publicly call them out and challenge them to get educated on the issue!

If you need more inspiration, check out our recent campaign against Garage Clothing. Head to the Gram @onechildnetwork to view it.

If you do this, you can also DM us or email our youth coordinator at so that we can support you!

3. Take on Self-Esteem Issues

Did you know that low self-esteem is a vulnerability often exploited by traffickers and other predators? Unfortunately, low self esteem is also quite common among youth. Take action with us by launching a campaign or an action meant to improve self-esteem and confidence levels among your friends, classmates, and peers.

How? Share statistics about self esteem and youth on social media. Create empowering and encouraging stories and posts to make your followers smile.

Don’t forget to show us your work! Send us pictures or tag us in your posts. We cannot wait to see the confidence you inspire!

4. Make an Educational Video

Make an educational/informative video and post it to Youtube, Facebook, IGTV, Tik Tok.

– Pictures say a thousand words: Create a picture compilation of images related to child exploitation and trafficking. Heads up: try to select pictures that are realistic. Avoid lots of pictures of dark basements, victims tied up and bound. These images convey some of the generalizations and falsehoods associated with child trafficking when we know that trafficking often happens without constraints and in plain sight.

– Amplify the voices of survivors who have shared their story in your own video on the issue.

– Create an exposé- check out country specific resources to help educate people who are not aware of how important and close to home this issue is.

We want to see your work, so don’t forget to tag us in your videos!

5. Make a Bold Statement

Your voice matters– so make a bold statement in a visible public place or online!

– With everyone at home, street and sidewalk art can be extremely effective. Try making a chalk banner to grab people’s attention and encourage them to learn more about the issue.

– Take your message online to influence some of your followers to learn the facts and take action themselves. Don’t forget to follow us and share our messages as well!

Be loud and use your voice to fight for change! Don’t forget to tag or send us your posts so that we can support you @OneChildNetwork. If you need any other support or guidance in your remote awareness-raising efforts never hesitate to contact us at



1. Groceries for Change

Trips out to the grocery store or other in-store shopping experiences are something that many people would be happy to avoid during this pandemic. If you’re comfortable, you can volunteer to run your very own DIY grocery delivery service. Volunteer to get your neighbour or other community members the items they need in in exchange for a small donation to OneChild. Be sure to tell them what we do!

2. Get Crafty

Make your own product like artwork, jewellery, or clothing and advertise it online! Donate the proceeds to OneChild. Many youth have found success by selling bracelets alongside some information about our cause. 

3. Household Shake Up

Looking to shake things up in your household? Have each person in your family commit to giving something up for a set period of time (ex, coffee, takeout, desserts). Donate the money you save by not purchasing this item to the organization!

4. Celebrate With Us

Run a celebration registry. Have a special day coming up? Celebrate a day in your life (birthday, Christmas, Hanukkah, bar/bat mitzvah, Quinceañera, bridal shower, etc.) and instead of receiving gifts, encourage in-kind or monetary donations. The registry will be online and will educate others on what supplies survivors need or what the donations will be used for. 

5. #BreakTheChains Live

Turn our popular #BreakTheChains Tik Tok challenge into a fundraiser.

Restrain your wrists using SAFE materials (like a bandana, or a zip-tie) and try to go about your daily activities.

Refer to some of the included information on chains of attachments so that your message is educational!

Advertise your challenge in advance and pledge to keep your restraints on until you reach your fundraising goal. You can create daily vlogs to document your challenge and progress.

Once you have reached your goal, film yourself breaking the chains and remind your viewers why you did the challenge!

6. Virtual Bookstore

Start a Virtual Bookstore to rehome some of your old books that you don’t read anymore. Donate the proceeds to OneChild.

Your hard work and determination to fight with OneChild is so important and we can’t wait to watch you succeed! If you need any support or guidance in your remote fundraising efforts never hesitate to contact us at