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White vans. Stranger danger. Kidnapping. Victims in chains. Far away and out of sight.

Sound familiar? It’s what comes to mind when most people hear the word “sex trafficking.” At least that’s what Hollywood and social media like to tell us.

But we know what’s really up. Child sex trafficking is happening right here in Canada and traffickers are often the people we think we can trust. Traffickers look for our vulnerabilities, identify what we’re lacking and become that for us.

Need a fatherly figure? They’ll be that for you.

Longing after a romantic connection? They’ll be that for you.

Need a friend? They’ll be that for you.

Need a fatherly figure? They’ll be that for you.

Longing after a romantic connection? They’ll be that for you.

Need a friend? They’ll be that for you.

Traffickers and other predators such as sextortionists often hide behind screens. As our lives shift more online, how can we tell the difference between a genuine connection, and a predator who is mimicking a genuine connection? Here are some questions you can ask yourself to identify any red flags.

Are they trying to isolate me from the other important people in your life? 

Are they threatening to show my intimate pictures to others?

Are they giving me lavish gifts that I can’t return the favour for or making me feel indebted to them? 

Are they asking me to do things I’m not totally comfortable with or encouraging me to do hard drugs?


#Beh1ndTheScr3ens is the first-ever, nation-wide, youth-led awareness campaign against child sex trafficking.  It was created by children and youth to educate each other about how predators like sex traffickers and sextortionist try to take advantage and exploit children, especially online.

When is it?

Now until Feb 22, 2022 which is Canada’s National Human Trafficking Awareness Day.

What does it involve?

#Beh1indTheScr3ens is a 2-part campaign, the first part we’ve got covered!


Developed by OneChild’s Youth Advisory Squad (YAS) and in collaboration with Meta, these videos help children recognize and report potentially dangerous conversations and to get help. Look out for the videos on Instagram and be sure to share with your friends!


This is where you come in!

On Feb 22nd, in recognition of Canada’s National Human Trafficking Awareness Day, we’re  challenging YOU, your friends, your classmates, your school, to write “13” on your masks and wear it throughout the school day to make a powerful statement.

Why 13?  Because it’s the average age that children are recruited into sex trafficking in Canada.

We want to share this message far, wide, and LOUD. So, mask up on Feb 22nd and show us your 13. Take a selfie, share it on Instagram and tag or DM us at @onechildnetwork with the hashtag #Beh1ndTheScr3ens. Be sure to pose the challenge to friends, family and school. For ideas on what to write in your caption, see here.

So, we have one question for you: Are you ready to take on this challenge? To be an agent of change? Are you ready to join One Child and take a stand against child sex trafficking? On February 22nd, write 13 on your mask. Start the conversation.

If you need help right away, call 9-1-1
To report sex trafficking and get help, visit the Canadian Human Trafficking Hotline or call 1-833-900-1010.

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