Canadian Human Trafficking Hotline : 1-833-900-1010

Are You Being Lured or Groomed?

Know the signs.

A pimp/trafficker can be ANYONE.

Age: 60% of pimps/traffickers are between the ages of 18-34, with the majority being between 18-24.

Lifestyle: They’ll flaunt their money with nice cars, designer clothes, plenty of alcohol/drugs in the hopes of luring you into their trap.

Gender Identity: The majority identify as male, but some are females that work on their own or with male pimps to build “better” relationships with their victim.

Promises: Using their flashy lifestyle, they’ll promise you that you can have everything you want: new phone, clothes, stability. This is a lie.

The Game: The code name used to refer to being involved in trafficking women and girls. Don’t get it confused; it’s not a game.  It’s illegal and ruins lives.

Are you being Lured or Groomed to be SEXUALLY EXPLOITED?

It’s hard to think that you’re being groomed.  It may not seem like it at first glance, but here’s some tips of what to look for.

Pimps want to gain your trust and will prey on your vulnerabilities to lure you in. Let’s show you the LIES that pimps may tell you and what they really mean.

Are you being Lured or Groomed to become a pimp/trafficker?

Our family members, friends, and community can lure young boys and girls into pimping/trafficking with promises of money, cars, clothes, girls and power. But this life of luxury isn’t what’s being presented. They may approach you saying…

If you need help right away, call 9-1-1
To report sex trafficking and get help, visit the Canadian Human Trafficking Hotline or call 1-833-900-1010.

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